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CoffeeBrandCoffee is committed to building wholesale and private label partnerships with our brick-and-mortar and virtual customers. We love working with our corporate partners to create custom blends and brands, stock quality supplies and equipment, and offer training and consulting tailored to the needs of each business. At CoffeeBrandCoffee, we’re proud to play a small part in our customers’ success by offering quality products at a competitive price and providing unbeatable customer service to boot. Below, you’ll find a description of our services, or you can contact us directly to find out more.

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Custom Blends

Looking for a one-of-a-kind coffee to set your organization apart? We are passionate about collaborating with coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, ski resorts, and other businesses to come up with custom blends of CoffeeBrandCoffee. Whether your company already has a specific flavor profile in mind, or just a vague idea of what the coffee should say to your customers, our roasters are here to help. 

To get started creating your own custom blend, schedule an appointment with our roasters. CoffeeBrandCoffee’s master roasters are experienced in discovering and developing nuanced flavors and aromas. They will walk you through a tasting and use their expertise to help you nail down the perfect custom blend of coffee for your business. 

Private Label

Wondering how to launch your own brand of coffee for resale in your brick-and-mortar or online store? We collaborate with corporate partners who want to stand out from the crowd by offering their customers fresh products made from the finest ingredients. Our personalized, comprehensive private label services ensure only the highest-quality products are associated with your brand. We stay involved in the process each step of the way - from managing the logistics, to roasting the beans, to handling the packaging - which means all you have to do is wait for your coffee to arrive and put it on display.


Interested in getting fresh coffee and other delicious products delivered straight to your business? If you’re located in the Wasatch Front area of Utah, take advantage of our free regional delivery service, which is available every day of the week. If you’re located in other parts of the United States, you can still sign up to have your CoffeeBrandCoffee order shipped via UPS or USPS with standard or expedited priority status. Please note that local deliveries must meet minimum order requirements.

Wholesale Supplies

Searching for supplies to keep your coffee business running full steam ahead? CoffeeBrandCoffee has you covered with a full range of everything you need to make delicious drinks that your customers will love. In addition to the wide assortment of coffees, teas, and hot cocoas found in our shop, we can also provide your business with a variety of syrups and mixes to take your menu to the next level. From filters to cleaning equipment, CoffeeBrandCoffee is your reliable source for wholesale coffee supplies.


In need of quality brewing equipment so you can make great tasting coffee every time? Our network of equipment manufacturing partners allows us to offer an incredible selection of reputable manual and electric machines for brewing different types of coffee. Whether you are on the hunt for a reliable espresso machine, a new-age cold brew maker, an industrial bean grinder, or just a good old fashioned percolator - we can hook you up with the right stuff to fit your needs. All of the equipment we sell is designed to bring out the most flavor when you brew our CoffeeBrandCoffee. Please contact us to ask for a quote or to place an order for machines.


Dedicated to helping your team learn all there is to know about preparing and serving a quality cup of coffee? So are we. We work with our wholesale customers to train baristas and other staff in the CoffeeBrandCoffee commitment to freshness and quality. Our corporate training program includes demonstrations on brewing and extraction techniques, as well as lessons on how to properly clean brewing equipment. 

By the end of instruction, your team will not only feel knowledgeable and competent when it comes to preparing coffee, they will also feel inspired and encouraged to make high-quality drinks that keep your customers coming back for more. Following training, we will stay in touch to ensure everything is running as smooth as our coffee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your service, or if you require further training for new staff, we remain available to help.


Just starting out in your new coffee business? The team behind CoffeeBrandCoffee knows what it takes to turn the seed of an idea into a recipe for success. Aside from hoping to offer quality products alongside a dedicated and knowledgeable team, you’ll need to outline key components of your idea that show how you plan to organize, operate, and expand your business. We are happy to take a look at your business plan and give our expert advice to make sure you’ve considered your new endeavor from every angle. 

Our Core Values

Sure, we love coffee - it’s right there in our name. But CoffeeBrandCoffee is about more than simply brewing a good cup; it’s about the things that drive us forward in pursuit of greatness.


We’re passionate about making and sharing high-quality coffee, tea, and cocoa with the world. To achieve our superior products, we rely on the finest fresh ingredients we can sustainably source through direct-trade partnerships.

Customer Service

We’re devoted to providing the very best customer service to all of our partners, affiliates, and consumers by working to exceed expectations. We view each transaction and interaction as an opportunity to build a real relationship with our customers.


We are dedicated to walking the walk, not just talking the talk. At CoffeeBrandCoffee, we deliver on our promise of delicious products - no bull.

Let’s Do Business

To arrange a tasting or to learn more about our wholesale and corporate services, please schedule a time to talk with us about the needs of your organization. 

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