Bold and Delicious: Discover Our Latest Cold Brew Flavors

Bold and Delicious: Discover Our Latest Cold Brew Flavors

Summer’s coming up and there’s no better drink to enjoy the sunshine than a tasty cup of cold brew. 

With a higher caffeine content and a smoother, less bitter taste, cold brew coffee is a great option for those looking for a refreshing alternative to hot coffee that offers a unique taste and a range of benefits. 

And, now, we have two great new flavors for you to try out using our easy recipe!

Our new Ethiopian and Dark cold brew bags not only make the perfect drink but these flavors also make excellent ingredients for other recipes! 

The Ethiopian Cold Brew Bags offer a unique flavor profile that is both complex and distinctive.

Characterized by its bright and fruity notes, with hints of berries, citrus, and floral undertones, this flavor is delicious and refreshing with a subtle sweetness that is often described as honey-like. 

In terms of its roast profile, it is best described as medium.

Looking for something bolder? Try our South & Central Dark Roast Cold Brew Bags. With its deep and rich flavor, the result is a cold brew that is both bold and satisfying, with a strong and lingering after taste. 

Our dark roast cold brew coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a more strong and more robust coffee flavor and are looking for a refreshing and invigorating way to enjoy it.

In this recipe, we will be using the following items:

DIY Cold Brew: A Simple Guide

Using our cold brew bags, this process is incredibly easy, taking any and all guesswork out of it. You won’t have to grind beans or measure anything as our bags are already prefilled with delicious coffee!

First, take one of the cold brew bags and place it in 1 quart (4 cups) of cold water. Leave it for 8-12 hours, some people like to go longer - experiment and see what you like the best.

Remove the bag from water and place your new cold brew in a sealed container in your fridge.

Serve and enjoy! It really is that simple.

NOTE: Be sure to store your cold brew in a SEALED container. Smells from your fridge can quickly contaminate and ruin the flavor.

Cold brew tastes better.


For some people, a 10-year-old can of Folgers ground coffee is the highlight of their day. For others, it may be an exotic bean that costs $30 a bag. No matter your level of coffee knowledge, everyone can agree that cold brew is simply the best way to enjoy cold coffee.


Sure, you can take your old Folgers coffee and run it through your old drip coffee maker before storing it in the fridge. That’s one way to have cold coffee in no time. The issue? It simply doesn’t taste as good – a proper cold brew can change your mornings!


What’s the difference? Well, heat alters the flavor of everything it touches. Coffee beans are sensitive and if you don't treat them with some sort of respect, you can quickly change their flavor to something undesirable.


That’s the beauty of the cold brew extraction method– there is no heat involved! At the end of the day, you’re just submerging coffee grounds in cold water. Being able to gently extract the oils preserves all of the nuanced flavors that get lost when boiling water interacts with coffee grounds.


Have you ever considered the “mouth feel” of coffee? This term refers to the physical sensations in the mouth produced by a particular food. When extracting coffee with this cold water method, you get this beautifully smooth and silky drink that goes down like butter!


Did you know? Cold brew is usually more potent!


Of course, this can be a double-edged sword. If you are sensitive to caffeine, cold brew may not be a great option for you since it holds a higher caffeine content. But for those of us who can drink four espressos before bed, this may be the answer we’ve been looking for all along! Say goodbye to weak coffee!


There are several reasons your cold brew may contain more caffeine than your basic cup of drip coffee, including:

-       Concentration of beans vs water

-       Length of extraction time

-       Not watering down the final product


Heat does tend to extract more caffeine, but the above factors are what really lead to a strong cup of coffee.


Typically when people make cold brew, the bean-to-water ratio is much higher than that of what you would see in a drip machine or a pour-over. This will lead to a concentrated product which is why it may seem stronger.


Rather than a 2-4 minute extraction process, cold brew can take anywhere from 12-24 hours, allowing the caffeine plenty of time to seep into the cold water.


Lastly, many people who drink cold brew don't tend to water it down or mask the flavor with milk. This also leads to more caffeine as you're drinking a concentrated product rather than something that may only be 50% coffee.


Wrapping up…


We hope this recipe has opened your eyes to a new method of coffee extraction. Not only is this the best drink for summer, but it may also be the easiest way to make coffee ever! Don’t forget to try our newest flavors here.


Already have a cold brew setup and just want some beans? Roast 003 is an awesome choice to try out for your next batch!


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